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> Hunter, Candace, anonymous

~ a landing photo, sweeeeet! - well, I think Candace is in great form (landing form is the same in all disciplines in my opinion) She is really reaching for the ground with her legs with a level head reaching back (thats the way its supposed to be!!)

~ Candace is in a bit of a tight form in her back… everything else is nice and stretched but her back is a bit scrunched from what I can tell. For the hunter, her coat should be shorter (no matter how awkward that may look) Candace couldve gotten a bit more height over this jump as well.

~ stretch her form out by practicing long strides with the aid of pole work and some small verticals. this will get her frame nice and stretched but wont teach her to ALWAYS be like that. 

overall, Candaces landing form is actually really great!!!,%201-3-09/slides/IMG_5908.html

>Hunter, Skipper, anonymous

~ I love where Skipper has taken off, not too deep of a distance and certainly not too long, just perfect for this little guy! Skippers legs are at a good place and are parallel with the ground (which is good). Also, it is apparent that this little guy has taken off evenly, which is SO important for his form!

~ Skipper looks a bit stiff and doesnt have much of a bascule. Skippers legs, although nice and parallel with each other and the ground, are not bent evenly and he seems to be pretty loose with his lower legs. Although this cant really be fixed, I would like to point out that his tail makes his stiff appearance even more awkward

~ Skipper needs to loosen up… practice a lot of grids (they work for almost ANYTHING) and get his knees even. Pronounce his bascule more using oxers and grids… make him stretch!
I actually see lots of potential in this guy! awesome 

ive been totally MIA, im sorry!! im posting a few as we speak!!

THANKS for the patience guys :) <3


> Hunter, Shaggy, anonymous

~ for the hunter, i love that shaggy is remaining round even over such a wide jump. i love his head, the placement is perfect for the jump and the moment the picture was taken. Also, Shaggy has a pretty nice bascule for this wide of a jump.

~ normally jumps like this wouldnt be seen in the hunter but ill judge it as so anyways. Shaggy is keeping a pretty good position for such a long jump. You CERTAINLY should cut his hair shorter for the hunter, it may look awkward on this breed but thats what is favored at hunter shows. Get Shaggy to keep his legs tucked (ill give him some props this IS a wide jump, and i know i keep saying that but its true!!) more and his front legs more parallel.. Also, try not to let him lean so much over a jump… long ones like this require a lot of balance to land.

~ to get his legs bent jump him higher and do some grids and bounces. I can’t judge how well of a tuck hed had over a less wide jump, but i feel like he would have a pretty okay one… he seems to really be reaching in this picture. To balance Shaggy out a little more use some ground poles in your grids to get him reaching and balancing over jumps… wide jumps like this will help him improve his balance as well.

overall i realllly like shaggy! i was never a  fan of the breed so thats saying a lot :)

TOTALLY re-designing my layout and blog tonight… gonna do some entries later!!


Anonymous asked: what do you mean by uneven and natural jumps??? :0

uneven: a jump that is not the same height on both sides… forces the dog to use his/her best judgement and stay balanced.

natural: anything from logs, to pillows, to chairs, to sticks… these elements are not very typical and will force the dog to keep balance over the jump and be aware that they are doing something out of the ordinary


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>Equitation, cherokee, anonymous

~ i love Cherokees back end… it is in perfect square form.. a BIG thing for the eq ring. your dog has a fabulously straight back and awesome parallel legs.. i love seeing this breed in the eq ring… just LOOK at that clipping/cut.. Cherokee has taken off at a superb spot

~ cherokee’s head must be held a bit higher… this will prove that he has a stationary head while he moves and that his body leads the way. cherokee should be a bit more centered over the jump as well, and shouldnt look so unbalanced.

~ force Cherokee to hold his head higher by jumping him to his limit and making sure he gets deep distances (or else it will not work)… you can do this by using poles and good discipline. to get him centered… PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE… use visual and physical barriers until he automatically lines himself up over the center of the jump. finally, to get him more balanced, run him around outside at least twice a week… there really is no way to fix this unless he learns how to properly balance himself.. i strongly suggest going on runs with him and jumping some uneven/natural jumps!

although i critiqued cherokee a LOT, its only because hes so great! awesome job with him!

havent been able to go on in so long, im sorry! i will be posting a few pictures soon, but it would be so helpful if you guys could submit something… anything! thankyouxx

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